Card Spotlight: 2015 Topps Minis 1975 Style

The last new cards I bought are now considered vintage. Back then, parallels meant 1975 minis. The concept of limited count and rainbow parallel cards hadn’t been invented back then.

When I saw the 2015 Mini set was about to go on sale, the 10 card subset with a 1975 throwback style is what sucked me in.

The concept isn’t new. Topps put current and former players on a 1975 design before (one of the better renditions was 2011 Lineage):

2011 154

This 2015 subset would be just as good if it had some vintage ’75 players. It was only available through Topps (it’s now sold out). This is what they look like:

2015 1975 Arrieta 2015 1975 Bryant

2015 1975 Buxton 2015 1975 Correa

2015 1975 Harper 2015 1975 Kershaw

2015 1975 Lindor 2015 1975 Russell

2015 1975 Syndergaard 2015 1975 Trout

This 2015 rendition has posed shots, but I like them – they’re solid photographs. The backs are what limit the cards’ overall appeal: every card has the same base text and cartoon (which was lifted of Sal Bando’s 1975 Topps #380 card) . But even with boring backs, they’re still nice cards.

2015 1975 Bryant-b