Card Spotlight: 1976 SSPC Top 30 Countdown Jim Colburn 226 & Charlie Williams 98 (#23)


When I think of baseball players from the 70’s, I see their photos from the 1975 Topps set.

And that’s the way it was… until I caught a glimpse of some SSPC cards that were unique in all sorts of ways. I got the whole set and my world view of 1975 baseball players changed.

Jim Colburn was clean shaven when his 1975 card was at my local mini-mart, but 1975 Jim really had a perm doo a twirly mustache.

Finding the SSPC set was like unearthing photographs of people you’ve known all your life and discovering their wild and crazy side.

1976 sspc 226 1975 305

Charlie Williams had straight hair and so seeing him sporting a perm doo still takes some getting used to. It took until 1978 Topps Charlie Williams to ditch the perm.

And the dusk, sunset shots… there’s a feeling when I’m at a ballpark on a warm summer night when the sun starts to set. Charlie’s card reminds me of that feeling – it’s a card that transcends being just a card.

1976 sspc 098 1975 449

I still usually think of the ’75 players Topps photos first, but now I sometimes think of their other side.

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