Card Spotlight: 660 Hank Aaron

Given we’ll get the voting results on Tuesday for the Greatest Living Major League Baseball player. My choice isn’t just about the player stats, it’s also about the person. I don’t choose a friend based on who makes the most money or hit the most home runs. Those things don’t outweigh other traits. I base it on their total character.

These are the contenders:

I pick Mr. Aaron. He stands out not just because of his drug-free home run achievement, but also the strength he had to put up with all the junk leading to getting to 715. When I first read of the threats and animosity other humans sent his way, it reminded me that there are people out there that have nothing else to do in life but hate. It takes a really strong person to live through that.

So that’s why he gets my vote. He’s on Topps first card of the 1975 set and also on this last one.

I hope you enjoy the 86th All Star Game.

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