Moving Cards and Stuff like Books and 1975 Baseball Cards

I’m about to move. It’s a “small” move from one room to another. Small is in quotes because whenever you move a room’s worth of things from point A to point B, you still have to pack and unpack. It’s just the actual moving distance is shorter.

Moves are also about clearing things out. So I’m sorting through stuff.

I mostly collect 1975 cards and related stuff. One interesting thing is finding books that relate to what you collect. There’s a lot of stuff like this book.

Sports as Reported by the New York Times. The book ends in 1975 and ends on Oct 1st just days away from the 1975 world series.

It’s a huge book. You can read all this stuff online, but paging through it is a different experience. I’ll hang on to it for a while.

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